What To Discover In Las Vegas Hotel And Casino

Circus Circus is centrally located on the north side of the Strip. The kid-friendly hotel has spacious rooms that offer two types of rooms. The RV Park has a full-service utility with hook-up spaces and is operated by the KOA. You may go here to experience the three smaller and full-size casinos.

The thrills of casinos

The casinos offer you different slots and table games. The Main Casino has a poker room, sports book, and techno-savvy race. The thrills of the games are provided for the inner wild child and child, which Midway Adventuredome can offer. The indoor amusement park has full rides, various games, and a free circus show.

Amazing attractions

There are more exciting activities to experience from the attractions offered:

  • Circus acts
  • Chuck Jones experience
  • Midway
  • The Adventuredome theme park

staying at a hotel-casino Free circus acts

You will be amazed by the gymnasts and talented acrobats that perform daily. The most loved and oldest free shows in Las Vegas are open to all visitors and travelers. There is no charge when you witness these gymnasts and acrobats perform on stage. The beautiful world-class circus and skillful acts are heart-bombing to witness.

You will witness professional circus acts of:

  • Flying trapeze
  • Aerial silk
  • Roller skating
  • Juggling and more

The clowns are unforgettable because it has colorful clown humor. The circus show acts take 10 minutes every hour. You must go early to reserve a seat for yourself since everyone is also waiting to witness the show. If you arrive late and no more seats are available, plenty of standing room is available.

The circus show is a kid-friendly show and even for adults, a sure entertainment to love by everybody.

Carnival Midway

A family fun back has unstoppable arcade games, video games, and a lot of prizes. You can step right up for the famous Carnival Midway, a gaming experience incomparable to any arcade games in malls. If you are a game lover, you have plenty of entertaining collections of games and premium prizes for the lucky winners.

staying at a hotel-casinoAdventuredome theme park

The indoor amusement park has 5-acre wide, offering 25 rides and attractions, including:

  • Canyon Blaster roller coaster
  • Rock climbing wall

Yes, this is how exciting this amusement park is. You don’t simply experience adventurous rides, but thrilling activities as well. The park is enclosed, so it is not affected by any weather conditions outdoors, unlike some other theme parks that are open year-round. Everyone is safe here.

Chuck Jones experience

At Circus Circus, Chuck Jones experience is a family-friendly attraction inviting visitors, kids, and adults, to learn about the fascinating artist and their creative sides. Chuck Jones created very famous cartoon characters, like Road Runner and Wile E. The new attraction let you experience learning to do draw and animation.

Learning to draw is just a part of the experience. You will also learn about Chuck Jones’s famous prolific work in movies, which earned several awards. Some of the most popular creations around the world of Chuck Jones are:

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Daffy Duck
  • Elmer Fudd
  • Porky Pig

Jones is an honored and esteemed artist, a hands-on experience sharing considerable showcases and talents.